Given the number of tourists expected to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina during the tourist season, those who want to visit BiH are keenly interested in the conditions under which they can, due to the global restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constant political turmoil, the decision taken by its Ministers from the session held at May end  regarding the entry and stay for travelers in BiH went almost unnoticed.

On the proposed plan of the Ministry of Security, the BiH Council of Ministers decided May end, to terminate its decision on prescribing new requirements for entry of foreign nationals into Bosnia and Herzegovina, effectively repealing previously incorporated Covid restrictions for entering into BiH.

The ruling was based on information from proficient health institutions about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s long-term favorable epidemiological situation, and the fact that the majority of nations in the region and around the world have repealed all measures allowing foreign citizens to enter their nations.

As a result, the previous decision imposing additional conditions on foreign visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as its amendments published in the “Official Gazette of BiH,” Nos. 57/20, 58/20, and 36/21, no longer apply.

The session also voted to repeal the Decision on Restricting Foreigners’ Movement and Stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was passed in order to protect citizens’ health after the World Health Organization declared a coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

As a result of this decision, the restrictions on foreigners’ movement and stay outside of the centers where they are located are lifted.

These two decisions take effect the day they are adopted and published in the “Official Gazette” of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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