Martinique sees another week of surge in novel cases of corona virus. The Regional Health Agency reported the whooping figure of 4,871 on 17th May, 2022, Tuesday. These were diagnosed in the period from 9th May to 15th May. 

Around 17,549 tests were carried out over the week from 9th May to 15th May with a total of 4,871 positive cases being discovered. 

This marks the fifth constant week where a shooting of new cases has been observed. The ARS had stated around 3,298 cases the week before, 2,022 cases two weeks back, 1,895 cases around three weeks back and 1,682 about four weeks back. 

Martinique has reported a record of 164, 411 cases since the commencing of the epidemic. 

The positivity rate in comparison to last week has risen to 27.8% from 24.6%. This constitutes alarm since it’s above the 10.0% alert threshold that had been stated for eighteen weeks. 

On the other hand, the incidence rate (measured per 100,000 citizens) is also up from that of the week before. 1,358 new cases taken on the range of 100,000 citizens. The past rate was 943/100,000 citizens or +44% in the years 2022-2018. 

Hospitals have reported around 21 patients with 4 under critical condition. Last week had 24 hospitalized. 

A cluster of three has been monitored. This spreads from the workplace to medico-social organization and in a health department. 

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique (CHUM) has mentioned around 931 deaths. In the week before, the number was 929. 


In terms of getting the 1st injection along with a complete primary vaccination, around 143, 196 (45.3%) citizens have been registered. 

For booster dose, 88,746 citizens have been administered successfully.

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