Yesterday, the Mayotte Territorial Health Agency issued a fresh Covid-19 pandemic update. As of May 23, there were 58 new cases, with an estimated incidence of 20.8 instances per 100,000 of population and a positive rate of 2.6 percent. There were no hospitalizations this week, either, which was a welcome change from the previous week. These numbers have been progressively declining during the last few weeks. 

The weekly bulletin showed 62 new cases as of May 16, with an estimated incidence of 22.2 percent and a positive rate of 2.2 percent weekly .The ARS reiterated that it is important to be vaccinated, adhere to barrier gestures, be tested and separate oneself throughout the eventuality of testing positive, symptoms or contact with a person at risk, says the ARS.

Some people are more likely to acquire a severe version of Covid-19 than others, despite the fact that the disease can affect anybody. The ill, the immunocompromised and the elderly make up a large percentage of those targeted.

In order to make it easier for the people of Mayotte to get vaccinated, there will be mobile vaccination centers in Kaweni/Bandrajou, Handrema, Chirongui Cultural center, and the mosque at Dapani. 

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