Case: Sending a Covid-19 sample for testing in Hoja Blanca, Ecuador, requires a 3 circular trip by motorcycles, bus, and boat, whereas the healthcare professional in Makusha Township, Rhodesia, moves around on a bike. In the meantime, physicians in New York State have recourse to messengers and can make house calls by getting in a car. Inequalities exist in vaccine availability, financing, and even access to simple medications such as ibuprofen.

However, Covid-19 has shown certain prevalent issues. In comparison to their urban equivalents, these distant communities have much fewer medical professionals. On a national scale, every rural town bears the strain of chronically broken medical systems. Even the most remote locations are affected by widespread disinformation and propaganda, as well as epidemic weariness. As the pandemic continues, all health-care providers, regardless of their place of origin, labour tirelessly to keep their villages safe.

Coronavirus hits the globe at peak in March 2020 and since, there hasn’t been a proper facility regarding quarantine and vaccination in some areas of Ecuador.

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