Travel is returning to the Pacific Islands, with both Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands Opening their Borders to the Travellers next month

Travel is returning to the Pacific Islands, with Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands opening their borders on July 1st. Quarantine requirements in both countries have been reduced, and strict health measures are in place to keep visitors safe. The tourism industry is ready to welcome international guests, and Vanuatu has updated its admission conditions. Discover the beauty of these islands while practicing excellent hygiene and physical separation.

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Both countries will re-admit foreigners on 1 July after nearly three years.


Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said this week that the govt. will completely open its border for travellers at the start of July.

Overseas travellers still must quarantine in Honiara on arrival, but the period of time will decrease from six days to three on 1 July if they can provide a negative RAT test.

Other health measures include a negative PCR test 72 hours before travel and a negative RAT test 12 hours after the arrival.


Tourism Solomons acting CEO, director of corporate operations, Dagnal Dereveke, said this is fantastic news and he, his team, and the local tourism industry are eager to welcome international guests.

Our tourism sector is COVID-ready before other segments of the population, Dereveke remarked.

More than 80% of business operators, motels, and resorts have developed COVID-safe processes in preparation for the border reopening.


Vanuatu's tourism office has updated its reopening admission conditions.

From 1 July, visitors will only need negative RAT tests within 24hrs of departure or a Covid-19 infection and recovery certificate within 28 days of departure to travel Vanuatu.

Vanuatu doesn't require arrival testing. Travellers must practise excellent hygiene and physical separation to keep residents and visitors safe.

If a traveller tests positive for Covid-19 in Vanuatu, they must isolate for seven days at a government-managed facility, which may include hotels, resorts, or government health facilities.

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