South Africa: The Western Cape Government has demanded that all COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa be lifted

The Western Cape Government demands the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa, citing declining infection rates and the need to prioritize the economy. Premier Alan Winde pleads with President Cyril Ramaphosa to remove all virus-related restrictions, advocating for full capacity in convention centers, places of worship, theaters, and stadiums. The focus remains on living with the virus while implementing risk-mitigation measures.

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CAPE TOWN – The provincial government of the Western Cape has demanded that South Africa's COVID-19 restrictions be lifted.


Western Cape Premier Alan Winde said infection rates were currently declining in the province and that it was time to prioritise the economy. According to the most recent National Institute for Communicable Diseases data, COVID-19 infections and deaths have decreased across the nine provinces.

Winde stated that he had written to President Cyril Ramaphosa, pleading with him to convene an urgent Presidential Coordinating Committee on COVID-19 and to begin work on removing all virus-related restrictions.

"So what I'm advocating is that we restore our convention centres to full capacity without any restrictions or regulations, that our congregations in places of worship return to full capacity, that our theatres return to full capacity, and that our stadiums return to full capacity."

Winde believes that society should learn to live with the virus while maintaining risk-mitigation measures such as mask use.

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