Sonia Gandhi is suffering from Covid, which includes a nosebleed

Sonia Gandhi hospitalized with Covid-related complications, including nasal bleeding. Updates on her condition and treatment.

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According to Congress, Sonia Gandhi had major Covid issues, including excessive nasal bleeding, and some of the issues are still being worked out.


Randeep Surjewala said that Sonia was hospitalised at the Ganga Ram Hospital due to Covid-related difficulties. On Friday afternoon, the party's new communications chief, Jairam Ramesh, published a statement outlining the situation.

"Sonia Gandhi was hospitalised to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi on the afternoon of June 12, 2022, with substantial nasal bleeding as a result of a recent Covid infection," Ramesh stated.

"She was treated straight away," the doctor recalls, "and she received a follow-up treatment tied to that yesterday morning." During her stay, a fungal infection in her lower respiratory tract was discovered. It, as well as other post-Covid problems, are being treated for her. "She's still being treated and being monitored."

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