Naseem: outstanding work in the fight against COVID-19

Discover how Health Minister Ahmed Naseem hails the Maldives' commendable efforts in combating COVID-19, making it a role model for other nations. Learn about President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's decisive actions, supported by expert advice, that led to the successful containment of the outbreak. Despite this triumph, Minister Naseem highlights the ongoing environmental challenges faced by the Maldives, including global unrest and climate change issues. Explore the importance of creating a safe environment to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the face of these predicaments.

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The Maldives' attempts to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Health Minister Ahmed Naseem, are an example to other countries. He made the statement while speaking at the World Health Organization's 75th General Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.


Minister Naseem said other nations should look to the Maldives government's efforts and successes as an example, noting that some countries are still struggling to overcome COVID-19. He claimed that the country was able to overcome the outbreak thanks to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's tough actions, which he stated were done in accordance with the advise of competent specialists and health experts.

Despite surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, he noted, the Maldives still faces other environmental concerns.

According to the minister, war and violence are raging in numerous places around the world, posing a threat to humanity as a whole. Unrest and climate change challenges, he added, hampered attempts to end hunger and achieve food security.

Naseem went on to say that countries like the Maldives face enormous climatic concerns, and that climate problems will have a huge influence on the Maldives. As a result, he believes it will be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle unless a safe environment is given.

The meeting, which began on Tuesday and will end on the 28th of this month, will continue. The theme "Health for Peace, Peace for Health" will be discussed by health ministers from a number of countries.

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