Millions of Covid vaccines are being thrown away

Don't let them go to waste - Millions of Covid vaccines set to be thrown away in the Netherlands. Find out why an enormous oversupply is posing a challenge for the government and how they are struggling to find recipients before the expiration date.

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The Netherlands left with a big stockpile of coronavirus vaccines. Approximately 3.5 million doses will expire this week, with 2.8 million ending up in the trash, according to AD.


The race has now become locate somewhere to deposit the enormous oversupply before it runs out, as the vaccine crisis of 2020 is behind us. However, Western nations are having difficulty finding locations that still require vaccines, as most other countries have already done so.

According to the newspaper, there are 11 million unused coronavirus vaccine doses in the Netherlands. No fewer than 3.5 million doses will lapse in stages throughout this week. The vaccines have a shelf life of only nine months when stored at freezer temperatures.

The Netherlands can provide 1.7 million doses to Nicaragua and Vietnam through local embassies. The remaining 1.8 million shots are expected to be destroyed. "It affects AstraZeneca vaccines, which generally expire at the end of May and a few in June," according to a representative from the Ministry of Public Health.

If the Netherlands is already having trouble donating vaccines, it's likely that future efforts will be even more challenging. The government spent tens of millions of euros on these 11 million unused vaccines.

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