Iran and Italy to join hands for extensive medical collaboration

Iran and Italy are set to collaborate extensively in the field of medicine, health, and health equipment. This partnership will involve joint manufacturing and investment in medical equipment in Iran. Italy recognizes the potential of Iranian knowledge-based industries in durable medical equipment and health. The aim of this collaboration is to promote commerce, science, and finance between the two countries. Moreover, Iran Health 2022, the largest health trade show in Iran, underscores the country's growing presence in the global health technology arena. With numerous knowledge-based health enterprises, innovation and engineering parks, and licensed medical inventions, Iran is making significant strides in health technology development. The World Health Organization has acknowledged Iran's primary care model, which prioritizes affordable and accessible healthcare services.

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The Italian Ambassador for Tehran, Guisseppe Perone said yesterday that Italian and Iranian companies will begin to work in tandem in the area of medicine, health, and health equipment. 


Soon, Iran and Italy will begin joint manufacture and investing in medical equipment in Iran, he said.

In Italy, there are significant prospects to interact and exploit the knowledge of Iranian enterprises, notably knowledge-based industries in durable medical equipment as well as health, he added.

Perrone said attending this event can assist promote commerce, science, and finance between the two countries.


It was really vital for us to engage in this gathering, which is on par with major health shows in the globe, he said.

Iran Health 2022 is the largest health trade show in Iran and the second in the Middle East.

434 local enterprises and 18 overseas exhibitors attended May 24-27.


Iran was placed 60th among 132 nations in 2021 based on innovative indices of health technology development, a 60-step gain from 2014.

Younes Panahi told ISNA there are 1,670 knowledge-based health enterprises.

13 innovation and engineering parks and 95 technological growth centers are in the health industry, and 343 technical goods and 335 medical inventions have been licensed.


Health technology development is measured by the Global Innovation Index using seven variables, including institutional framework, human resources, and research, market as well as business complexity, technological knowledge, infrastructure, and creativity.

Ahmed al-Mandhari, WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region director, stated Iran is a model for primary care in June 2021.

His PHC network has worked for four decades to provide inexpensive, accessible, and acceptable critical health care.

“At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, Iran prioritized primary health care. This PHC infrastructure allows community health workers to do systematic outreach for early diagnosis, case management, and hospital triage (if needed).

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