Greece Health Minister says 4<sup>th</sup> COVID dose may be needed for vulnerable sections of the population

Greece Health Minister warns vulnerable groups may need a fourth COVID vaccine dose. Find out more about the government's vaccination plans and the current state of the epidemic in Europe.

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Thanos Plevris, the health minister of Greece stated Monday that the fourth dosage of COVID-19 vaccination may be needed for susceptible groups.


Speaking on television, the minister said the government and his European colleagues envisioned a seasonal flu vaccine without continually inviting the populace to be vaccinated.

The health minister finished by saying the epidemic is diminishing throughout Europe.

“All the scientists in Greece and abroad, as well as the ECDC, warn us that even with the Omicron variation and the same methodology, we will face pressure in the fall.”, he said. 


Plevris said the wearing of masks on board ships would be reviewed by the scientists' committee once it meets this week, considering the decision to repeal a mask requirement on airplanes, which have specific filters.

"Where we can number seats and regulate entry, we may propose masks. On urban public transit, when there are no seats and more people enter, a mask is required.”

Sunday’s figures, Greece reported 2,575 COVID-19 cases.


Greece reported 2,575 additional coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours, increasing the total to 3,445,538 since the epidemic began.

In the previous 24 hours, 16 people have died, bringing the total to 29,803. 95.6% had a condition or were over 70.

Hospitals have 132 ventilator-dependent patients. Their average age is 72, and 93.2% have a condition or are above 70.


63 are unprotected or partially vaccinated; 69 are completely vaccinated.

As October approaches, vaccinating the people, especially the vulnerable, will be a concern, he added.

He also underlined a decision by all EU nations to delay summer supplies until September because "we'll have a more effective vaccination against Omicron then."

Whether this vaccine is general or targeted, he stressed, would be decided by scientific bodies.

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