Cuba relaxes COVID-19 mask requirement as vaccinations surge and deaths drop

Cuba lifts COVID-19 mask requirement as vaccinations soar and fatalities decrease. Cuba's successful immunization campaign, with 94% of the population receiving at least one dose of their homemade vaccine, has led to a significant drop in infections. While some restrictions remain for high-risk individuals, the country is experiencing a "dramatic transformation" in limiting transmission. Cuban scientists claim their vaccines provide up to 90% prevention against symptomatic illness.

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Cuba suspended a long mask necessity Tuesday (May 31) after a successful immunization campaign that led to a considerable decline in COVID-19 infections and approximately three weeks without a single casualty.


The Island's communist government has consistently strived to distinguish out by offering free treatment that concentrates on preventive therapy such as vaccinations. It created its own Corona vaccines and became the 1st country on the planet to mass vaccinate 2-year-old children.

According to Reuters, Cuba has immunized 94% of its population with at least a single dose of its homemade vaccine.

Health minister José Ángel Portal said the immunization campaign led to a "dramatic transformation" in limiting the transmission and reducing health hazards, thereby prompting the removal of mask requirements, with a strong possibility.


However, hospital patients and those with pre-existing illnesses or respiratory diseases must wear masks.

In most of the parts of Cuba, which is experiencing a terrible economic crisis and food and medicine scarcity, homemade masks have become the standard, and many were unwilling to leave home without them.

"I'll keep wearing the mask," said Enrique Otero, 63. "I'm diabetic and take a Havana bus daily."

As per Cuba's Ministry Of health, coronavirus cases have declined for nine weeks, with daily illnesses falling to under 100 in May with just two deaths.

Cuban scientists say their protein-based Abdala, Soberana 02, and Soberana Plus COVID-19 vaccinations offer up to 90% prevention against symptomatic sickness in three dose methods. Although, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet reviewed this research.

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