Croatia reports 424 new cases of the Corona virus, including three deaths

Latest Update: Croatia reports 424 new cases and 3 deaths from the Corona virus. Total cases reach 1,138,702 with 16,007 fatalities. 68.75% of the population has been immunized. Stay informed to stay safe.

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ZAGREB, June 8, 2022 – Croatia has documented 424 corona virus infections out of 2,454 tests in the previous 24 hours, including three linked fatalities, according to the nationwide COVID-19 disaster administration squad on Wednesday.

There are 1,882 ongoing cases, including 168 hospitalised patients; five are on the ventilators, and 869 self-quarantined individuals.

Croatia has documented 1,138,702 corona virus cases to far, with 16,007 deaths, and 68.75 percent of the population aged having received immunisation.

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