COVID in Georgia- There are now 19 instances on the increase. Here's why one communicable diseases specialist in Savannah isn't concerned.

COVID infections are rising in Georgia, but one specialist isn't concerned. Find out why the number of cases isn't as alarming as it seems.

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COVID-19 infections are on the rise in Georgia and South Carolina, but how concerned should we really be at this stage of the flu epidemic?


"I think we're at a transitional period when we think about the epidemic," said Dr. Stephen Thacker, a communicable diseases specialist at Memorial Health in Savannah.

"I believe we should always compare these figures to where we were at the start of the epidemic. When compared to previous surges, 12 is a pretty manageable amount "Thacker remarked.

The levelling out of hospitalizations, according to Thacker, is likely due to a baseline amount of safety in the population from those who have been immunized and those who have experienced prior illnesses.

"We certainly know there are a good number of folks in the community who are getting roasted and may be getting the flu and running tests positive at home," Thacker said. "But fortunately, perhaps they have been inoculated before or had a previous infectious disease, it will keep them alive enough even they don't must be in the clinic," Thacker added.

Those with inherent health concerns, however, are still at danger, according to Thacker, and everyone should be aware of this.

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