Covid-19 Watch: 1,128 new cases, says Health Ministry

Discover the latest Covid-19 update in Malaysia: 1,128 new cases reported, bringing the total number of active cases to 21,202. Find out the breakdown of imported and domestic cases, as well as the number of recoveries and hospitalizations. Stay informed with accurate and timely information.

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According to Malaysia's Health Ministry, 1,128 new Covid-19 infections were reported on Tuesday (June 7).


On Wednesday (June 8), the Health Ministry released data on its CovidNow portal showing that there have been 4,517,447 cases since the pandemic began.

One of the 1,128 cases is imported, while the other 1,127 are domestic.

A total of 1,547 recoveries were reported on Tuesday, according to the CovidNow portal, bringing the total number of active cases in Malaysia up to 21,202.


Home quarantine is in effect for 95.5 percent or 20,239 people of the population. Twenty people or 0.1 percent of the active cases are being treated in low-risk quarantine and treatment centers (PKRC).

This means that only 918 people were hospitalized for the disease; 25 of them were placed in intensive care units in various parts of the country.

12 of those people need life-saving ventilation.

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