COVID-19 in Bermuda crosses the 15,000 mark

Discover the latest COVID-19 update from Bermuda as the number of infections surpasses 15,000. Learn about the test positivity rate and the current status of active cases. Find out where to get vaccinated and the importance of reporting positive cases to schools. Stay informed and stay safe during this ongoing pandemic.

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 15,000 Covid-19 infections have been reported in Bermuda, according to last night’s statistics released by the government. The Ministry of Health said that out of the 9,343 test results that it has received, 330 were positive for the coronavirus, thus resulting in 3.5 percent test positivity rate. 


Since March 2020, Bermuda has had 15,085 Covid-19 cases, with 14,562 of them having recovered and 138 Covid-19 fatalities.

The number of active cases on Barbados has increased from 312 last week to 385 this week, according to the government. Thirteen of the active cases are in hospital, and one is being treated in intensive care unit. The Minister of Health, Kim Wilson, stressed the need for teachers to urge their students to test.

“I'd like to emphasize a key reminder for parents who are utilizing the Saliva Screening Program for their school-going children. The government is concerned that positive cases discovered through the Saliva Screening Program are not being reported to schools by parents, thus posing the risk of transmission. Please note that the school authorities shall keep your child’s test status confidential. Parents and guardians should notify the school of their child's positive status. Schools may use this information to minimize the risk of spread and sickness by identifying close and casual relationships. It's important to remember that a kid's good status will only be shared with relevant school personnel.”


The ministry said that, following the end of this month, the current stock of Covid-19 vaccinations will be exhausted. The spokeswoman stated the ministry generally gives 24 doses per week and has already scheduled vaccination appointments for those injections.

“Individuals who want to be vaccinated in certain areas can do so by visiting any number of pharmacies or medical clinics,” she stated. Members of the public should also inquire with their doctors about Covid-19 booster injections from Wee Care Paediatrics, Edgewood Paediatric Services, Omni Medical and Somers Medical Services Ltd.

The Covid-19 vaccination is also offered by Somerset Pharmacy. “The coronavirus still remains quite prevalent in our community,” noted Ms Wilson. “It's easy to get complacent, but we must be vigilant. If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Please refrain from going anywhere if you test positive.”

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