Compare the amount: Colombia has administered close to 85 million dosages versus COVID-19

Colombia Administers Close to 85 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Dosages: Updates on National Vaccination Plan and Breakthroughs

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Although 84,821,665 dosages have been administered in Colombia, the advancement of the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 exhibits significant and noteworthy improvements.


This was stated by Gersón Bermont, the head of Preventive care, at the Unified Command Center, who also revealed that 438,546 individuals had already received their second full dose. "With the also called forth dosage, there already are approximately to 500,000 individuals who are safeguarded," he said.

"Now we're asking on regional organizations and IPS to make it clear that the organics from Moderna and Pfizer are what is really used during second booster dose," Bermont said.

Similarly, there have been no documented side effects from the second single injection. "What testifies to the product's safety, while the data testify to the medication's ability to retain immunity," the director concluded.


Other breakthroughs

In the report prepared, the official stated that Colombia has indeed advanced 83.3 percent of people both the first and only dose, implying that 42,452,124 people have visited vaccination locations and begun their anti-covid-19 campaigns. Similarly, 36,019,912 persons have gotten their entire plans, accounting for 70.6 percent of people.

Bermont made the decision to speed up the immunisation of whole schemes when confronted with this last figure. "We need everyone over the age of 12 to get their booster shot," he declared. In this regard, 12,589,165 (35.2%) persons have indeed gotten their booster dose.


According to an assessment of immunisation over the last 2 weeks, it has remained constant downwards, with over 350 thousand doses administered, primarily booster shots.

As a result, the chairman requested that territorial organizations boost their immunisation plans in order to achieve a target of over 85 million shots.

In addition, I announced that there will be an update readjustment of immunized pregnant women, as many of them have completed their pregnancies while others are about to begin.


In the case of the non migrants, 638,852 people have been immunized with the first or sole shots; nevertheless, the number for regularised migrants is 1 million 100 thousands. "I think we are one of the nation's top countries in terms of vaccine cooperation and international effort," Bermont remarked.

Similarly, the director noted that vaccination rates in youngsters are poor, with 66.1 percent (4,460,378) receiving first shots and only 44.2 percent (3,151,143) receiving second shots.

Coverage of vaccinations

More than 70 percent of the population in 550 municipalities (representing 49 percent of the land) has previously been vaccinated using comprehensive vaccination regimens. And 405 localities have already received a booster dose of more than 40%.

As a result, regions like Caldas and Tolima joined the departments that have already surpassed 40% this week. The task now falls to 571 municipalities that have failed to achieve the target.

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