Why do European Schools now prefer Antigen Testing?

European schools are now favoring antigen testing to reduce the number of children unable to attend school due to Covid-19. This article discusses the benefits of antigen testing, the impact of Covid-19 on schools in different countries, and the availability of rapid antigen test kits like MEDRIVA. Find out why European schools are choosing antigen testing and how it can help in the fight against the pandemic.

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Using antigen testing, we could reduce the number of children unable to attend school due to Covid-19. The head of the Irish SME Association announced in a statement.


According to the HSE, as many as 14,000 children could be absent from school because they are connected to a Covid-19 case. Many young children in primary or creche settings cannot be left alone at home, leaving working parents with 'massive burdens.'

Despite soaring infection rates in the UK, many schools in Europe reopened Monday, and the British government promised to rush for ventilation units and the COVID-19 test kits to schools this week to ensure they reopen.

In addition to wearing face masks, secondary school kids in England may also have classes merged due to staff shortages following the Christmas holidays.


According to Boris Johnson, mask guidance is no doubt intended to restrict the spread of the virus.

They shouldn't stay with us. I don't like wearing a face mask in class, but we won't wear them more often than compulsory," he said.

In an interview with Sky News, British Secretary of Education Nadhim Zahawi said: "Keeping schools open is our priority."


He said that testing and ventilation would "make no doubt a huge difference" in schools this year.

Omicron in Britain

One hundred fifty-seven thousand seven hundred fifty-eight infections were reported on Monday in England and Scotland due to a highly transmissible variant of omicron. There are no figures available for Wales or Northern Ireland.


In response to the news about abandoned ventilation units and testing kits being available, NASUWT general secretary Patrick Roach warned that the education industry faces another pressing issue as schools prepare to open again.

Schools in Italy Still Closed

School is not scheduled to open in Italy until next week, but leaders are considering possible delays given many cases there.


Southern Campania – Next 20 days, still no Schools

Vincenzo De Luca, governor of southern Campania, suggested Monday that delaying the beginning of classes for 20-30 days would allow for the next wave of cases – which is expected by the end of the month – to pass as more time to increase vaccinations among students.


This week, daily testing for children will occur in Berlin in the states where schools have reopened. However, Astrid Sabine Busse informed RBB Inforadio about the same that after that, those tests will be reduced up to three per week.

School tests are a routine part of the day, she said, and she added that we might want to keep the same that way.

Home Learning at Thuringia


In the Thuringia, having the highest infection rates in Germany in the last few weeks, children will spend at least two to three days at home before the school year. On or after Wednesday, schools will have the option of working with online learning, bringing children back to the classroom, or combining both.

It is expected that there will be changes to the government's plans later this month, according to Mr. Neil O'Donnell, chief executive of ISME.

Antigen Testing in University College Cork Medical School

As a consequence, some schools, as well as universities, are now using antigen testing. Professor Mary Horgan, previous dean of the medical school at University College Cork, leads the project. A guideline is available for students who have been vaccinated. Students who have been vaccinated and do not present any symptoms typically have no restrictions in close-contact areas.

  • In the case of a positive test, all other kids in the same class have to test negative thrice within four-five days to remain in school. First, a health professional must conduct the antigen test or the PCR test, followed by free self-tests every two-three days provided by pharmacies.
  • Self-tests are in high demand amid record high infection rates due to the omicron variant.
  • This new testing regime announced on Sunday raised concerns among pharmacists about possible shortages.
  • Government agencies are also encouraging the local authorities to buy fully equipped and operational carbon dioxide monitors to alert them to the need to ventilate classrooms when necessary.

The Department of Education has released a list of 10+ symptoms affecting children in response to guidance on the topic. Covid-19 symptoms have been confusing for parents, and children have gone to school while ill, even returning to school right after a test was done instead of waiting for the results to come back.

For the upcoming generation of the nation, the Testeaslab antigen test would appear to be the best, easiest option if this rule becomes law.

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