A New Wave of COVID in Cameroon?

Discover the concerns of the Cameroonian government as a fresh wave of Covid-19 resurfaces, leading to increased border crossings and the potential for another outbreak. Learn about the recent increase in infections and the measures being taken to intensify the response and stay ahead of the epidemic in Cameroon.

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The Cameroonian government is concerned about a fresh epidemic of Covid-19, which has resurfaced in many nations across the world.


"During the Easter vacations, we saw a considerable increase in the number of people crossing our borders (mostly by air)." "This might lead to another outbreak," stated Manaouda Malachie, Minister of Public Health (Minsanté). According to health officials, Cameroon has had four pandemic outbreaks since the first confirmed cases were announced on March 6, 2020.

The frequency of Covid-19 infections has dropped dramatically in the country since February. "However, we have seen a tiny quiver around us since April 28, 2022, and have documented three fatalities during epidemiological weeks 16 (April 18-24) and 17 (April 25-May 1)," the Minister added. Despite this, he says, steps have been done to "intensify our reaction and remain ahead of the epidemic."

These include the reintroduction of "systematic" patient screening in emergency and hospitalization departments, as well as an increase in immunization campaigns around the country. The official further stated that he has ordered the technical platform at health institutions to be reinforced.

This is accomplished "through the procurement of scanners and oxygen units, the reinforcement of the ambulance fleet via the institutionalization of medical regulation, and competent staff that gained us accolades from the CAF and other sports delegations at the conclusion of the CAN." Cameroon has 119,947 positive cases, 117,980 remissions, and 1,930 fatalities as of May 11.

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