A more transmittable COVID-19 subvariant of the Omicron strain was detected in Russia

Discover the latest update on COVID-19 in Russia, where a more transmittable subvariant of the Omicron strain has been detected. Find out the details on this highly contagious variant and its potential impact.

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An even more contagious variant of the COVID-19 Omicron type has entered Russia, according to Rospotrebnadzor, a senior official representing the health watchdog for consumers.


According to a health watchdog in Russia, as compared to the early forms of Omicron, these variants of COVID-19 Omicron are more transmissible.  

The VGARus database now contains the viral genome of the BA.4 Omicron sublineage, according to Kamil Khafizov, head of genome research at Rospotrebnadzor. He said the sample dates back to a period in late May.

According to the scientist, the BA.2 subvariant is still deemed to be responsible for 95 percent of all newly detected COVID-19 cases in Russia. “ Recently published research and studies on this subject demonstrate that Omicron variants BA.4 & BA.5 are slightly more transmissible than early forms," he says.

In May, the WHO chief expressed concern about Omicron subtypes BA.4 & BA.5 driving outbreaks in unvaccinated nations, even though the COVID-BA.2 subtype remains prevalent across the globe. 

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