In Cuba, the vaccines Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, and Abdala have been used to give out a total of 38,253,410 COVID-19 vaccine doses to the residents and citizens of the country. 

According to the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), 9,970,734 people have completed the whole vaccination program, meaning they are fully vaccinated, accounting for 90% of the country’s population.

Until June 18, a total of 10,676,820 people had taken at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, with 9,414,372 receiving their second dose and 9,115,644 are receiving their third dosage.

According to the Minsap, a total of 7,366,924 people have received booster vaccine doses, with 324,536 people receiving them as part of a clinical study and 7,042,388 people receiving them as part of a booster vaccination program that is being implemented in selected territories as well as within risk groups.

1,105,778 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the outbreak began in March 2020, and 1,097,103patients have recovered, accounting for 99.2 percent of the total. Currently, 87 people with a positive COVID-19 test are hospitalized in Cuba, with 86 of them showing stable clinical progression and one being treated in intensive care, according to reports.

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