According to the weekly coronavirus surveillance statement of the health ministry and the Higher Health Institute (ISS), COVID-19 Rt transmission figures and case incidence have dropped even further.

Italy had a rate of 261 cases per 100,000 people during the May 20-29 time period, down from 375 the previous week, according to the health ministry.

In the May 4-17 period, the Rt number was 0.86, which was lower than 0.89 in last week’s report.

An Rt of 1 and above implies that the epidemic is in a growth stage. The report stated that COVID-19’s pressure on Italy’s health system has grown even more limited.

On May 26, COVID patients occupied 2.6% of Italy’s intensive-care beds, down from 3.1% on May 19.

On May 26, the health ministry said that 9% of all ordinary-ward hospital beds were taken up by coronavirus patients, down from 10.9% the previous seven days period.

However, five areas were still beyond the 15% occupancy threshold for hospital beds taken by COVID patients – Valle d’Aosta (17.6%), Umbria (19.6%), Sicily (15.3%), Calabria (16.8%), and Abruzzo (17.1%).

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