Recommendations have been issued by Israel’s Health Ministry in response to an increase of Covid-19 cases, but restrictions will not be reinstated.

“The complete routine” in Israel should be maintained with no requirements other than wearing a mask at health care facilities and clinics and with patients, according to the ministry’s statement.

As the number of cases of coronavirus rises, it is imperative that people wear masks when they are in close quarters, especially indoors. At-risk groups should follow the mask advice. Have yourself checked out if you’re showing symptoms, and don’t spread it around. The vaccination for a disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not pronounced the end of the pandemic and the beginning of the endemic period, when the virus is stable and predictable. Nevertheless, the Israeli Ministry of Health considers it an endemic disease.

Our desires are unconsidered by virus, and coexisting with the virus does not equate to coexisting as if there is no virus, according to the statement.

Take good care of one’s health and that of others.

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