May Harrison, who is 105 years old, may be the oldest COVID-19 survivor in Australia.

Re-infections are a real possibility due to Omicron’s ability to bypass pre-existing immunity.

There are around 780 active outbreaks in Canada’s elderly care facilities, making it a problem.

With statistics revealing that 47 Australians have died as a direct result of Long-COVID, the issue persists.

May, who recently beat the flu, celebrated her 105th birthday this week, surrounded by loved ones, despite the illness.

According to ABC, she felt “extremely nauseous” and “quite weak” after she awoke from the illness. “I got over it,” she told the network.

“They didn’t think I was strong enough for a bigger [party] on Sydney Harbour, but I enjoy my gatherings,” she said.

Since the pandemic began, almost 46,000 Australians over the age of 65 have been infected with COVID-19.

Even though the daily news briefings have ended, and many people’s lives have returned to normal, COVID-19 cases in Australia continue to rise at roughly 45,000 each day.

Reinfections and new strains of COVID-19 are on the rise, and experts are warning that the virus still “has tricks up its sleeve.”

More than 780 outbreaks were reported in elderly care institutions last week, and the industry is feeling the heat.

There are 20 facilities administered by Whiddon Aged Care in NSW and Queensland, including the one where May lives in Sydney’s southwest.

There was a high level of community transmission of COVID-19 in many parts of the country, the company’s CEO, Chris Mamarelis, stated, but strong health and safety standards were in place on the site.

“COVID is affecting all of our homes,” he asserted.

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