On Monday, there were 354 patients admitted to Dutch hospitals, which is 21% below the 447 hospital admissions the week before, according to figures from the national coordination center for patient distribution (LCPS).

Weekly statistics from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on Tuesday (31 May) showed that there were 7,088 new COVID-19 infections in the Netherlands over the previous week, with 13 deaths and 154 hospitalizations.

Last Monday, the institution discovered a 3.5% increase in the typical number of virus particles in sewage. This week’s figure dropped by 3.6%.

In addition, the Dutch newspaper NL Times noted a significant reduction in COVID-19 testing throughout the nation, with only 1,425 people getting tested on average each day this week, a 15% decline from the previous week.

This is the fewest number of tests since it became widely available in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday (31 May), 349 people were admitted to the hospital. Out of this number, 19 were placed in ICUs.

The Netherlands has already lifted much of its COVID-19 restrictions. On May 20, they eliminated the need for passengers to wear face masks while flying or at airports.

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