Chilean has been dealing with a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections for several weeks, and “we may be nearing the top in 2 – 3 weeks,” according to Felipe Elorrieta, director of the Universidad of Santiago’s Mathematics Epidemiological Group for Epidemiology and Planetary Monitoring.

The experts collected data from the Chilean Ministry of Health, which showed a 58% spike in COVID-19 instances in the previous 14 days.

“There have been 8,500 (daily) instances the other week.” “We was above 9,000 in the week, but well below 10,000,” Elorrieta said.

According to Elorrieta, the highest frequency illnesses in this wave should be around 10,000, with transfer speeds slower than in previous waves.

Furthermore, the association stated that since last week, Chile has seen a steady increase in illnesses.

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