The overall number of Covid-19 cases in Ethiopia has now reached 475,321, according to Monday’s data.

In the last 24 hours, 150 Covid-19 patients have recovered, according to the study. There have been 456,332 persons found.

There are currently 11,472 confirmed cases. There are at least 12 people in the hospital, the administration says.

0 Covid-19-related deaths occurred in the same period as the total death toll of 7,515.

Not a single piece of Covid-19 vaccination-related information has been added to today’s report.

This month, the health ministry will begin a third statewide immunization program.

A total of 29.45 million doses of Covid-19 were provided by the previous two assisted. 24 million people have been protected against the coronavirus since the first injection was administered in March of that year, when the vaccine was introduced.

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