Israel is witnessing the highest number of Covid infections since April this year as reported by its Health Ministry. This may trigger a comeback of some restrictive measures in the country.

Expert in infectious diseases Professor Eyal Leshem of Israel’s largest hospital said the recent rise in morbidity was likely due to a number of factors.

“First there aren’t many limitations, so people aren’t wearing masks and schools and businesses are open, leading to the spread of the disease. Second, thousands of asymptomatic or mildly ill patients were not diagnosed and hence can infect other people,” he writes. Morbidity in Israel will continue as the reproduction number indicator in the country is above 1.

An expert team from the ministry will meet on Tuesday to discuss strategies for stopping a new COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the government announced.

At the panel’s previous meeting earlier this month, experts decided against recommending additional limits and a fifth vaccination dose campaign but encouraged people to wear masks indoors, particularly during gatherings.

As long as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is in charge, it isn’t guaranteed that the panel’s recommendations this week will be adopted by the current government. Rather than imposing restrictions, its goal is to keep people alive and the economy running.

Israel’s Channel 12 TV news political commentator Daphna Liel tells Xinhua that “the administration knows it will be difficult to implement new restrictions.”

Avoiding lockdowns, according to Gad Lior of Yedioth Ahronoth, has resulted in improvement of the economy, including the return of foreign tourists.

He warned that a surge in the number of people in quarantine has been causing a heavy economic disruption in certain sectors in Israel.

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