The number of COVID-19 cases in Russia has climbed by 3,349 in the last day. The rate of growth accelerated to 0.02 percent in relative terms.

A decrease of 20.9% in hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Russia’s population of 662 people was recorded on the previous day. In 49 areas, hospitalizations fell while they rose in 18 others. In 18 regions, conditions remained unchanged from before the outbreak. The previous day saw 837 hospitalizations.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Moscow grew by 189 over the previous day, from 185 to 2,772,198, as reported by the anti-coronavirus crisis center. The number of COVID-19 incidents in St. Petersburg increased by 242 during the day, reaching 1,531,140.

Russia’s COVID-19 recoveries increased by 3,492 in a single day, according to the anti-coronavirus crisis center, to reach 17,775,753.

The percentage of hospitalized patients who were later discharged has increased to 96.8 percent.

The previous day, 3,935 patients were discharged from the hospital. Monday’s report from the anti-coronavirus crisis center indicated that 379,584 Russians have perished as a direct result of the coronavirus COVID-19. The day prior, 75 COVID-19-related deaths were reported. According to the crisis center, the average death rate was 2.07%.

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