The COVID -19 alarm in Libya is at an unknown level. Authorities are not taking any chances, and have released the latest travel advisories:


Before travellers out of Libya to the United States board a flight, they will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result which has been taken 1 day prior to travel. For people who have documented recovery from COVID in the last 90 days, there are options open to travel. 


If the person in question is a non-US citizen, as well as a non-immigrant, they will have to show a proof of full vaccination against coronavirus before they are allowed to travel to the USA from Libya. 

Contact information

Every passenger travelling to USA by air will have to give their contact information to the concerned airlines before they are allowed to board a flight to the United States. 

With these travel measures, it is evident that the threat of COVID-19 is still prevalent in Libya and authorities are doing the needful to contain its spread beyond the country’s borders. 

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