A month after its debut, the Ministry of Health issued more than 14 million electronic COVID-19 immunisation passports on April 15. Passports can be obtained using the government’s PC COVID-19 and Digital Health apps. By providing a safe and straightforward digital tool to assess vaccination status, governments may speed up the economy’s reopening and create the foundation for future digital healthcare programmes.

Name, birthdate, country, illness targeted, vaccine dosages, vaccination date, batch lot number, vaccine type, vaccine product received, vaccine manufacturer, and certification code. Digital passports offer immunisation information in Vietnamese and English. The information is in a one-year QR code. When QR codes expire, they’ll be replaced.

The health ministry has ordered agencies and subordinate units to update information on 34 million doses by June 1 to accelerate COVID-19 vaccination passports. The ministry required local governments to clarify vaccine information. Medical and police staff oversee the procedure. Vaccination institutes must check immunisation records by law. After being reported to law enforcement, the Department of Preventive Medicine will get corrected data for digital signature. The provided data will be digitally signed for a vaccine passport.

Everyone will get free immunisation passports, say officials. Citizens must just check that their information is accurate and complete. If the information is erroneous or unavailable, they must comment. As part of an experiment, COVID-19 immunised patients at three Hanoi hospitals received vaccination passports in late March. 27 EU countries and 54 Vietnamese regions accept vaccine passports.

ASEAN nations advocate using digital technologies to create a vaccine passport. Indonesia’s health minister said ASEAN will produce a common statement on health protocol norms. Immigration officers in each country will utilise a mechanism to verify a traveler’s identity for the vaccine passport. Sadikin reports that ASEAN health ministers have agreed to establish an ASEAN Centre for Public Health Emergencies and Emerging Diseases (ACPHEED). Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia sponsor ACPHEED’s three pillars: surveillance, reaction, and risk management.

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