Costa Rica has identified 1,721 cases reported of Corona virus, bringing the total number of cases reported to 904,934 because the epidemic began in March 2020, according to the Department of Health’s weekly update.

According to the findings, out of the overall new infections, 73 were attributable to an epidemiologic relationship (cohabitating couples with a patient with signs verified by PCR) and 1,648 were attributable to lab error (PCR test).

It states that of the total infections caused among zero and 113 years old since March 2020, 465 thousand 503 are women and 439 thousand 431 men; 801 thousand 474 Costa Ricans and 103 thousand 460 foreigners; 736 thousand 310 adults, 57 thousand 254 older adults, 111 thousand 252 minors, and 116 ignored; 860 thousand 711 assets recovered and 35 thousand 698 assets ignored.

There are 385 people at the facility, 52 of whom are in intensive care and range in age from 0 to 93.

According to the data, 30 deaths occurred in the last 7 days, bringing the total number of deaths to 8,525 from March 2020, with 3,354 women and 5,171 males ranging in age from zero to 103.

3,481 are adults, 5,055 are seniors, 37 are children, and two are one of the unnoticed.

“People who may not have the information and it is not located in the Civil Registry” are considered ignored in Costa Rica. As a result of the incident, data may alter.

The Health ministry said in April that its report on the position of Covid-19 in Costa Rica would no longer be daily, but weekly, and that the statistics will be available on the agency’s website.

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