The San Juan de Dios Patient’s Microbiology Department now has a strong technology that can identify ions in the patient’s psyche.

The ICP-MS (Inferential Linked Plasma Spectrometer) is a technological advance that benefits patients. It enables the detection of components linked to metal poisoning in the internal organs.

Hospital San Juan de Dios holds a significant position in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of Wilson’s disease. The existence of a gene variant in the body causes a buildup of copper in parts such as the cornea, liver, lungs, and brain, which is defined by this disorder.

This modern hardware, according to Dr. Carlos Varela Briceo, an Immunology Laboratory expert, allows us to detect the number of heavy metals in a person’s blood, pee, breath, and hepatocytes in a very straightforward, exact, and quick manner.

“Clients with Wilson’s illness make up the majority of our target group.” It will benefit both people who are already ill and those who are carriers of the gene but do not display symptoms. Varela stated, “It will benefit subsequent generations.”

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