According to the Department of Healthy lifestyle, 224 instances of COVID-19 have been recorded around the nation actually, with 108 new cures.

This brings the overall number of current cases in Belize to 1,444, with 367 specimens under examination.

The total number of cases reported in Belize has now reached 60,287. The overall number of admissions has dropped to three, and no further deaths have been reported.

The confirmations were recorded in the following regions: 126 n thе еlzе Dtrсt, 11 n rаngе Wаlk, 9 n оrоzаl, 8 Pedro city, 47 Cayo city, 15 at tаnn Crееk, and 8 at Tоlеdо

The Department of Health and Human Services encourages Elzeanes to get immunized against COVID-19 before their cases rise.

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