On Saturday, a health ministry official in the Kurdistan Region confirmed the first Congo fever death. A COVID-19 patient died of respiratory illness after 40 days of no coronavirus deaths in the region.

The first case of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever was reported on May 10 in Kurdistan. To date an Iraqi Health Ministry official Aso Hawezi has confirmed four cases. 

One of these – a 27-year-old man from Erbil’s Khalifan subdistrict died on Saturday, according to Hawezi. 

The World Health Organization claims that the tick-borne illness causes significant hemorrhage and has been reoccurring in Iraq since 1979.

The biggest peril to health by the Congo fever is registered with people working in slaughter houses. After slaughtering cattle, the infections spreads to persons exposed to diseased animal blood.

Since April 29, no coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in Kurdistan. One of the patients with COVID-19 passed away on Saturday.

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