The Administration has given a green light for a third dosage of the Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus to be administered in Colombia to citizens aged 11 – 17 years old, as per Health minister Fernando Ruiz.

The fund manager declared this from the consolidated command center in Cartagena, where he also delivered a serious message about the need of coronavirus vaccination in full economic restoration.

Minister Ruiz declared, “Today, we declare the expansion of the supplemental vaccination to the group aged 12 to 17 years with a Pharmaceutical biologic, which would allow us to increase safety and resistance in teenagers.”

It should be noted that this determination will be made after the last dose has been administered for four months.

In a similar vein, the Ministry of Health emphasised the advancements in vaccination application across Colombia’s territory. “We completed the application of 80 million vaccine dosages, surpassing 82 percent of the population inoculated with at minimum one dose, and we achieved a total of 10 million boosters vaccinations in the nation,” the official stated.

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