Children at Mzuzu’s northern referral hospital were given a special treat on International Children’s Day from eight members of the Medical Team from China (CMT). 

Mzuzu Central Hospital’s medical personnel and members of the public celebrated World Pediatric Day together at the hospital’s pediatric ward on a morning earlier this week.

June 1st is a day that “keeps reminding us to take excellent care of children,” according to a brief write-up the team provided with Xinhua.

During the ceremonies, the CMT doctor in charge, Wendy Ren, reportedly said, “We wish every child a happy Children’s Day; we hope them the quickest recovery and that they remain far from illnesses and grow up healthily,” as quoted in an article by the CMT.

There are no barriers between doctors and love,” a doctor says. The event’s write-up stated, “Let’s always be united and walk in tandem to fight towards people’s health.”

CMT members were praised for their kindness by Mzuzu Central Hospital, which stated that it “attests to the positive work relationships between Chinese and Malawian teams.”

Xinhua quotes a medical officer inside the pediatric department as saying that the hospital does not have enough specialists, but that the CMT fills in for this deficiency.

“In paediatrics, we only have one specialist to care for all of the children that are sent to our clinic from the whole Northern area.” 

“The Chinese medical team assists us in this area by offering professionals that fill up the voids in the health system we have,” Mpando stated.

Patient follow-up and education are all tasks that the CMT is said to be involved in as per the medical officer.

Kamuzu Central Hospital, the country’s largest referral hospital for central area, is now being run by a 17 member team from China. 

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, the CMT has not only provided technical assistance but has also provided medical equipment, such as personal protective equipment (PPE).

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