On Sunday, parts of Beijing were again placed under lockdown as the pandemic spreads across China as a result of Xi Jinping’s mismanagement of the Zero-Covid Policy.

The experts have enforced a lockdown in the Haidian region, as well as Fengtai, Shunyi, Chaoyang, and Fangshan districts, as per China’s Global Times, citing a statement from the municipal government’s spokeswoman, Xu in Hejian.

All indoor entertainment venues, training organizations, gyms, and retail malls have been closed as of today, according to Chinese media reports, with the exemption of eateries that offer delivery facilities and chemists.

According to the Global Times, which reported Xu Hejian’s comments, all graded picturesque places in the capital city will be closed, and all parks should limit visitor numbers to 30% of capacity.

Because the situation with COVID-19, which is spread domestically, is still unpredictable, residents in five Beijing districts have been advised to work from home until May 28.

The COVID-19 problem has been exacerbated by the highly contagious Omicron, according to Xu, with maximum patients only presenting minor indications.

He also added, according to the Global Times, that people’s disdain for the Covid-19 preventative instructions has contributed to the outbreak, which has enhanced the infection’s likelihood of transmission.

According to a report released today by the National Health Commission, China logged 157 locally transmitted confirmed COVID cases on Saturday, with Beijing recording 52 new confirmed locally transmitted COVID instances and 9 local asymptomatic instances.

China’s revealed ‘zero-covid’ strategy, which the experts endorsed with keeping the nation out of the epidemic until recently, is disintegrating as the number of cases rises rapidly, forcing massive lockdowns comparable to those seen in 2020.

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