According to Xinhua, Chile’s government on Thursday invited workers from all industries to take a fourth shot at COVID-19 and encouraged companies to make it simpler for them to do so.

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Jeannette Jara said at a media briefing that the law permits workers to request authorization to get vaccinated during work time, as stipulated in the Labor Code, which has been in effect since 2021.

“It’s critical for us that individuals get their fourth dosage of vaccination,” Jara said, noting that workers should tell their employers two days ahead of time to obtain the permit.

In the wake of a COVID-19 recurrence in Chile, vaccination sites have been forced to extend their hours of operation since the administration declared that COVID-19 passports will not be validated beginning June 1 unless persons have received their fourth dosage. Restaurants, pubs, and other public places accept the passports.

Chile has administered 20.8 million booster vaccinations to children over the age of three.

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