According to the Department of Health, 7,575 new instances of Covid-19 and fatalities attributed have been established in the reigon within last 24 hours.

4,126 instances display symptoms, 1,214 instances are unconscious, and 2,235 instances have still not been recorded of the overall number of new illnesses. Furthermore, 36,959 individuals are in the active stage, with 2,652,235 instances cured.

With this updated case count, the overall number of people infected since the outbreak began has risen to 3,748,619, while the total death toll has risen to 57,973.

Within last 24hrs, 66,187 PCR and antibody tests were performed, with a positive rate of 11.59 percent at the national scale and 15.72 % in the Metropolitan Area, bringing the total number of tests to 38,909,614 since the outbreak began.

In contrast, the Minsal “ counter that there are 154 patients in the ICU, with 83 of them requiring mechanical breathing. There are a total of 307 critical beds accessible through the Comprehensive Health Network.

But at the other hand, there are 26 Health Apartments available, with a total of 833 beds.

Doctor Sebastián Ugarte made the observation that “The current scenario in the nation, which shows a steady growth in the number of active cases and new infections per day, correlates to a 5th wave endemic. All current follow-up data and epidemiological data indicated that we are currently experiencing this event, which is growing, will keep increasing, and will peak in mid-July “

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