The federal government of Australia has made an announcement that children below 5 years might be in line for a Covid-19 immunization in a few weeks, as testing begins on a combination flu and coronavirus vaccine.

Mark Butler, the Health Minister of Australia stated that the Therapeutic Goods Administration had been in talks with a pharma company Moderna for enabling its vaccinations to be given to children between the age 6 months to 5 years.

Butler told the media that he expects the vaccine to be available to the public within a few weeks if the TGA approves it. “If that happens, it will go to an advisory committee on vaccines to assess the manner this should be handed out to the population.”

As he previously stated on radio, not holding a royal commission investigate the nation’s epidemic response would be “unthinkable.”

“The money spent, the death rate, the displacement,” he remarked. A protracted period of mental and physical disappointment is on its way toward us in the next few years. A thorough examination of our response and the lessons learned from that experience are necessary.

He insisted that any investigation be conducted over the following three years.

Covid-19, influenza, and RSV will all be covered by the same vaccination in Australia by 2024, as revealed by Moderna.

Moderna’s chief officer (Medical), Dr. Paul Burton said that the combined shot vaccine was in the early stages of testing and that trials would start later on this year. 

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