On Sunday night, preliminary test results indicated that the foreign national being treated in an Athens hospital has chickenpox, and not monkeypox as previously thought. The first monkeypox suspect in Greece was a 29-year-old visitor.

There was no evidence of a monkeypox virus in any of the tests conducted in hospitals or universities. Media sources cite Greece’s National Health Care Organization EODY as saying that two samples from the patient tested positive with the smallpox virus (varicella-chickenpox).

Smallpox and monekypox viruses are distinct from the chickenpox virus. EODY, Chickenpox, Smallpox, and Monkeypox signs and symptoms are now included.

According to the findings, the human population has been free of chickenpox since 1980. The virus that causes chickenpox is less contagious and can be prevented with a vaccine.

ERT had previously reported that the man was in a good mood and had no fever, despite the fact that he was covered with rashes.

His partner joined him on their trip to Kefalonia, where the London-born Romanian was taking a break from work.

He was airlifted from Kefalonia to Athens in a special capsule on Saturday night.

For their own protection, they were kept in rooms with negative pressure.

His companion had no signs of illness.

Authorities were frightened by the possibility of an outbreak, and they recommended bringing back face masks and isolating those affected for 21 days, as was done in Belgium.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified countries where monkeypox has been proven or suspected.

From the 13th to the 21st of May at 13:00, 92 cases of monkeypox were verified in the laboratory and 28 more were suspected in three WHO zones (Table 1, Figure 1). Nothing tragic happened.

In spite of continuing epidemiological studies, WHO reports that reported cases have no travel ties to endemic areas. Most, but not all, primary care and sexual health clinics have been affected by the rise in the number of men who have sex with men (MSM).

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