Diabetes, Hypertension, and Discovery May Be Caused by Long Covid

Diabetes and hypertension cases increased following Covid infection. Getting a shot after an infection may help to reverse long-term Covid symptoms. According to a study conducted by South Africa’s largest health insurer, people who’ve had Covid infection are more prone to be hospitalised or to develop hypertension or diabetes or in...

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Fiji, Samoa Report More COVID-19 Cases

Recently, there have been more cases of COVID-19 in Fiji and Samoa in the South Pacific Islands. According to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, 41 new cases of COVID-19 were reported between Friday and Monday. 17 of the 41 reported cases occurred in the central region of Fiji, while 21 occurred in...

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No Demises For 2nd Day In A Row: El Salvador Shines

The Health Ministry stated that no fatalities from Coronavirus have been reported in El Salvador during the first 2 days of June. As per the Department of Health this day, the recently concluded month of May will finish as the season with the least mortality from Coronavirus in El Salvador,...

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