Financial injection for Jamaica`s health sector

Diaspora organizations and individuals donated $300 million to Jamaica during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday the Diaspora Conference for Health and Wellness took place. The Chief medical officer of Jamaica, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, also took part in the Conference. Members of the diaspora, including the CMO, Dr. Gary Rhule, the co-chair of...

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No beds for the mentally ill in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, according to psychiatrist Ángel Almánzar, there severe shortage of psychiatric beds in the country. He opines this as a result of years of research into the country’s actual situation in the field of mental health and poor efforts to make changes aiming at the enhancement of...

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E4Shield by e-Health combats coronavirus using radio waves

An electronic gadget with the power to inactivate the coronavirus and all its primary mutants in aerosol in an indoor setting is helping to combat the spread of the pandemic.  The device called E4Shield is a product of Elettronica Group (which specializes in electronic guard systems) in collaboration with Lendlease...

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