Health Minister Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste was recently visited by the Caribbean Health Agency’s Management Team to discuss important matters like sustainable development and its importance for public health and environmental health issues. 

Dr. Joy St. John, Executive Director of the CARPHA said that this trip would provide the team with a good opportunity to check out the progress of the work carried out at the Environmental Health and Sustainable Development Department situated in St. Lucia. This would also allow them to provide any support if necessary. 

The main mission of the trip was to do relevant work in the Caribbean and to interact with St. Lucians. At the end of the mission, the parties also came out with a clear set of goals for St.Lucia to follow. 

CARPHA is also planning to conduct several programs for St.Lucia and the Caribbean nations for access to high-quality reliable data, which also be useful to address issues relating to public health.  

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