Brantham Running Club's 24-Hour Run Raises Funds and Awareness for Bowel Cancer Charity

Zara Nwosu
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Brantham Running Club's 24-Hour Run Raises Funds and Awareness for Bowel Cancer Charity

BLC on the Run: A Community United

The Brantham Leisure Centre Running Club, fondly known as BLC on the Run, recently completed an impressive 24-hour charity run. The event aimed to raise crucial funds for bowel cancer research while increasing public awareness about the disease. The fundraiser was inspired by a member of their own community, Steve Marsland, who is currently battling incurable bowel cancer. His story touched the hearts of many, rallying community members and local businesses to support the cause.

Surpassing Expectations: An Overwhelming Response

The response to the charity run was fantastic, with the club raising an astounding £3,000, promptly surpassing their initial target of £500. This incredible effort illustrates the power of community engagement, demonstrating how people can come together to make a significant difference. The fundraiser was not only about collecting donations - it was also about encouraging physical activity and promoting a healthy lifestyle, two factors that can play a role in preventing bowel cancer.

A Family Affair: The Marsland Family's Involvement

Steve Marsland’s wife, Emma, and their twin boys were not mere onlookers. They actively participated in the event, joining the 76 runners and volunteers who took part in the challenge. The running club, together with the Marsland family, collectively ran nearly 750 miles, embodying the spirit of unity and resilience.

A Phenomenal Success: Raising Over £6,000

The Brantham running club’s 24-hour run was unquestionably a phenomenal success. The event managed to raise over £6,000 for bowel cancer research, a testament to the power of collective effort. The funds raised will support research, treatment, and patient care for those affected by this devastating disease. The event was not only a tribute to Steve Marsland but also a powerful statement of solidarity with all individuals and families affected by bowel cancer.

Looking Forward: Future Events and Fundraisers

The Brantham Running Club's event received widespread community support and participation, underlining the importance of community engagement in charitable initiatives. The club plans to continue organizing such events in the future, maintaining the momentum and ensuring that the fight against bowel cancer remains in the public consciousness. Their next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 18 January 2024 at Semer Village Hall, where they will likely discuss future plans and initiatives.

Join the Cause: Make a Donation

If you would like to contribute to this meaningful cause, donations can still be made through BLC ON THE RUN’s JustGiving page. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference in the lives of people living with bowel cancer. Let's come together as a community to support this cause and help fight bowel cancer.