Shanghai, China’s greatest metropolis by economic output, has been damaged by the COVID-19 lockdown, which was imposed in early April.

As COVID testing has increased, residents have stayed at home.

Cameroonians in various Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, said the ban has harmed them disproportionately.

“Our current situation in Shanghai is quite bad,” said a Cameroonian who resides in the city, which is home to hundreds of people from the country.

“As a result, Cameroonians in Shanghai are unable to meet their daily activities,” he said, adding that “many Cameroonians have lost jobs and are having problems extending their visas.”

“Hospitals, schools, shops, and even the transit system have been shut down during this time,” said the same source. With the exception of a daily COVID 19 TEST, we’ve been limited inside our buildings and rooms. Several of our friends have been brought to quarantine centres even when their tests have come back negative. If you’re unwell right now, getting to the hospital is considerably more difficult.”

“Even if Cameroonians in Shanghai have lost their employment and are barely paid a fourth of their income, we are still expected to pay our rents and other expenses.

“Right now, we’re in a terrible situation. We’ve sent letters requesting assistance to the embassy and the Minister of External Relations, but have yet to hear back “the individual added

Shanghai is set to be removed from its quarantine on June 1st, following a remarkable decline in new illnesses.

Beginning June 6, junior and senior high school students will be able to resume their offline studies, according to officials.

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