In September, from the United States, the US Embassy in Cambodia is scheduled to receive another 5.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccine through the COVAX Global Vaccine Facility by the end of September, according to spokeswoman Stephanie Arzate.

“Through COVAX, the United States provided a bilateral donation of 2 million Pfizer vaccine doses to Cambodia in May 2022.” This was in addition to a gift of 1.1 million vaccine doses of Johnson & Johnson during July 2021,” she explained.

As per the Prime Minister Hun Sen, his country Cambodia has about 11 million Covid-19 vaccine doses on hand, with an additional 20 million doses on their way.

“Further 15 million Covid-19 doses are coming from China  to the Kingdom soon, along with 5.5 million Pfizer doses from the US and 500,000 Pfizer vaccines from Australia, which will be used for children aged 5 to 11,” he said.

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