Novartis' Acquisition of MorphoSys: A Deal in Limbo?

Dr. Jessica Nelson
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Novartis' Acquisition of MorphoSys: A Deal in Limbo?

Novartis' Planned Acquisition of MorphoSys

Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company, has announced its intention to acquire the global biopharmaceutical company, MorphoSys AG. The acquisition, valued at EUR 2.7bn, aims to expand Novartis' oncology and hematology pipeline. A significant component of this deal is the investigational small molecule, pelabresib CPI 0610, a potentially game-changing treatment option for myelofibrosis. Clinical trials have already demonstrated promising results, including reduced spleen volume and improved symptom scores. The transaction is anticipated to close in the first half of 2024, with MorphoSys continuing to operate independently until then.

Details of the Business Combination Agreement

As part of the acquisition, Novartis has entered into a Business Combination Agreement with MorphoSys. This includes a voluntary public takeover offer for all MorphoSys shares at a price of 68.00 per share in cash. This offer provides shareholders with a significant 94% premium. Additionally, Novartis seeks to obtain exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize pelabresib and another molecule, tulmimetostat.

MorphoSys has also entered into a Purchase Agreement to sell and transfer all rights related to another of its products, tafasitamab, to Incyte Corporation for a purchase price of US 25 million. The Novartis takeover offer is subject to a careful review of the offer document and a minimum acceptance threshold of 65% of MorphoSys share capital.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Acquisition

Despite the clear plans outlined in these agreements, there is speculation within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry that Novartis may walk away from the deal. This speculation has been fueled by inside debates at Novartis regarding the acquisition, particularly the future of pelabresib. The uncertainty surrounding the acquisition has led to concerns about the potential impact on both MorphoSys and its future prospects.

The Future of Pelabresib and MorphoSys

The acquisition deal is expected to significantly impact the future of the drug pelabresib and MorphoSys. If Novartis decides to pull out of the acquisition, it may be willing to pay a small breakup fee to avoid owning a drug for myelofibrosis that regulators may potentially reject. This possibility has heightened concerns about the future of MorphoSys and its products.


The planned acquisition of MorphoSys by Novartis is a deal that has the potential to influence the direction of cancer treatment development. However, with the possibility of Novartis walking away from the acquisition, the future of MorphoSys and its innovative drug, pelabresib, hangs in the balance. As industry insiders, stakeholders, and patients await the final decision, the next few weeks and months promise to be a crucial phase in the evolution of this pharmaceutical narrative.