The Burundi diaspora are enraged by Burundi’s excessive and anti-social charges for mandatory COVID-19 infection testing to enter and leave the country, even though the COVID19 is gone.

Even while Burundi’s government has taken a number of constructive steps toward its diaspora, many Barundi people returning home this summer complain about the excessive fees Burundi charges for covid-19 testing on arrival and departure, when the pandemic seems to be no longer circulating virulently. PCR testing has been discontinued in several nations throughout the world.

COVID-19 affected Burundi, a nation which has been misunderstood, is the result of this confusion In light of this anti-social policy, many Burundians living abroad have opted not to return to Burundi alongside their family this holiday season.

“What is the purpose of the Burundi Parliament, and how will the diaspora be represented?” According to Ms. Manirakiza Eliane, the majority of Barundians in the diaspora believe that they’re buried under a mountain of riches, although most of us are struggling to make ends meet every day. Mrs. Manirakiza Eliane, a Belgian mother of five children, is enraged that she must spend 500 USD for a mandatory test for COVID-19 before she can travel to Burundi with her family. In addition, the PCR test will cost you an additional 180 USD when you return from your trip, which is 6 times the normal cost of $30.

Mrs. Eliane Manirakiza is enraged for two reasons:

One of the things she would also have liked to do with the $680 she received was to spend it in Burundi with her family and friends, as well as with tiny local traders and craftsmen, or to go on tourist trips.

This information on the outrageous and anti-social expenses of COVID-19 screenings is nowhere to be seen at the Burundi Embassy in Brussels when we go to seek visas.

Here’s the nitty gritty:.

It is highly recommended that unvaccinated Belgians avoid non-essential travel to countries beyond the European Union unless it is absolutely necessary.

Some land and sea borders have been reopened to allow people to transit freely. Passenger flights are still permitted at the airport.

Precautions have been taken in the following ways:

Passengers on their way in:

A negative PCR test result for COVID-19 must be shown by all visitors to Burundi.

In order to avoid being subjected to a COVID-19 infection screening upon arrival into Melchior NDADAYE International Airport, any traveller must register in advance and schedule an appointment in advance.

The costs for screenings are as follows:

Foreigners should bring $100 in U.S. dollars; tickets from before 2013 may not be accepted. Use $50 and $100 banknotes if you can.

Refugees, as well as Burundian pupils, are not charged COVID-19 testing fees.

Burundi’s Revenue Office has erected counters at the airport where these costs may be paid (OBR).

On arrival, quarantine has been lifted. Until you obtain the PCR test results, you must remain in your house or hotel over 24 hours. E-mail will be used to distribute the results.

Upon arrival, all passengers should place their used masks in the specified trash collection bins.

Passengers on their way out:

Everyone leaving Burundi must have a negative PCR test result that was obtained no more than 72 hours before to flight.

Against the payment of sixty thousand Francs Bu, the Ministry of Public Health has provided this certificate (60,000 Fbu). Registration on the website ( is required in order to schedule an appointment to take the exam.

Flight registration (check-in) begins four hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the plane.

There have been re-openings of the following land borders:

Kobero (Muyinga province) & Mugina (Tanzania’s border) (Makamba province)

The boundary with the Democratic Republic of the Congo is marked by the name Gatumba.

A quick COVID-19 exam will be required upon arrival in Burundi. Within 15 minutes, you’ll have your answer. The examination costs $30.

When departing Burundi, the same regulations that apply to arriving by plane will apply.

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